Kainai Board of Education Wellness Policy Survey

Healthy Choices creates a Healthy LifestyleHealthy Choices creates a Healthy Lifestyle

We are excited to announce the new Kainai Board of Education Wellness Policy, which will support the health of the whole person, giving students and staff tools they need to be successful at school, to promote wellness in their own families, and to live healthy, disease-free lives.


The Policy was created in consultation with staff, students, parents, Elders, and health/nutrition specialists.


Now, we are looking for your help to decide which parts of the Policy to focus on first.


By working on one area at a time, we make sure that the changes we make will last into the future.


Please complete the attached short survey to guide our implementation plan: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KBEpolicy 


Thank-you!! Tish.


Tisha Wadsworth  


Community Wellness Coordinator

Kainai Board of Education


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