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Oki Students/ParentsGuardians,

Administrators, Admin Asst., Teachers, EA’s, School Counsellors, O&M and Security personnel are TMS would like to welcome all students back to school and look forward to the 2020-2021 school year. It was so good to see all of you back - we have missed you since COVID-19 struck in March/20.

I would like to commend all the staff at TMS who have been so committed to ensuring the utmost safety and well-being of our students and employees. We have developed very stringent COVID-19 safety protocols in line with AHS, BT Tribe Health, Blood Tribe Emergency Management team, and in collaboration with Blood Reserve Bus Coop and Kainai High School to provide the best safety measures for our children’s return to school. All staff underwent testing prior to return to school and will continue with regular testing. Parents are encouraged to have children tested before re-entry to schools.

The measures TMS has taken are mandatory masking of students (masks provided) and staff, face shields for teachers, inside the school, thermal checks upon entry, directional traffic in hallways and classrooms, social distancing with 10 or less students in cohorts A (Mon/Wed) and B (Tues/Thurs) through grades 6-8. Touchless sanitizers in each classroom and bathroom. Students will receive instruction in COVID-19 safety protocols and awareness. Breakfast program and hot lunches delivered daily to homerooms. A regular cleaning and sanitation schedule will be closely adhered to. One entry into school upon arrival and separate entry at departure after school.

Lockers will not be assigned but students will receive backpacks to carry their supplies from class to class. Registered TMS students will receive a chrome book and learning schedules for use at home on Learning at Home days. Students will receive instruction on chrome book use and Google Suite access. Thank you to Pat Twigg, Blackfoot Studies Coordinator, for providing the chromebooks to all KBE students grades 6-12. User agreements must be signed by parents before chromebooks are distributed.

In alignment and collaboration with KHS and Bus Coop the following safety measures have been put in place: staggered bus arrivals and departures, family cohorts on buses, ride alongs hired for each bus to assist driver in thermal testing, hand sanitizing, ensure social distancing amongst children on the bus. Lunch schedule to provide for hot lunch delivery to TMS.

Cohorts A and B have been developed to provide a staggered re-entry which is a combination of in-class and direct instruction on cohort days and on-line learning on non-cohort days. The cohorts will provide smaller class sizes for social distancing that minimizes the spread of the virus. We also have a fully on-line learning option for those who are worried or afraid to send their child back into schools due to health issues or conditions.

We at TMS are devoted to the safety of our children, staff and families and to the continuation of education and success. We will continue to strive for excellence. If parents, guardians and community members have any questions, concerns, suggestions or would like clarification on any matter please contact the Administrators: Principal, Jackie Davis or Associate Principal, Joel Tail Feathers or homeroom teachers for consultation at 40-737-2846. We welcome your inquiries. Please register your child if you haven’t yet in order for them to receive the necessary learning supplies and materials they require.

Thank you all and stay safe! We can make it through this if we all work together!

Jackie Davis, Principal
Tatsikiisaapo’p Middle School
Kainai Board of Education

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KBE Re-Entry Plan (Click to open full PDF)


KBE Supplemental Statement

KBE Supplemental Statement